The Pool Building process

What to Expect

Engineering & Permitting

Through blueprints, 3D renderings & proper planning, Custom Pool Builders lays the foundation for your amazing pool.

Construction Begins

From structural steel, tile and coping, to site clean up and pool screen installation, we keep you in the loop throughout the process.

The Process


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(4-6 Weeks to finalize) Creating the backyard of your dreams begins with the perfect design. We provide 3-D renderings to help you visualize what your new pool will look like. Once you have decided on the exact layout, the ideas are sent to Engineering to be blueprinted. Upon your approval, the plans are sealed and are ready to be submitted to your City’s Building Department. 4-6 weeks to finalize plans is an approximate time frame and depends on the Engineer’s Back Log, the extensity of the project and the number of revisions that may or may not arise during collaboration.


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(2-4 weeks to issuance) Your City’s Building Department will review the submitted plans and upon satisfaction of their requirements, a building permit will be issued. The 2–4-week time frame is an approximation and entirely depends on the City’s requirements and the extensity of the build.

Construction Begins!

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Once the permits are issued, we work with you and your schedule to commence construction when it’s most convenient. 


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While it usually takes just a few days to dig for a pool installation, there may be delays if unexpected complications arise such as utility lines or obstructions.


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The pool interior is framed and form boards are inserted to hold back surrounding earth.

Structural Steel

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Steel Rebar is placed vertically and horizontally inside the earth to create the backbone or cage of the pool.  These underworking’s ensure the maximum reliability and integrity of the pool structure. Steel work usually takes 1-2 weeks however steel is built around the system of your pool like the lights, plumbing, water features and other backyard amenities so the time it takes to build the structure, depends upon the intricacies of the design.


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Plumbing lines for main drain, skimmer and return lines are installed.


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The interior shell is shot with a mixture of sand, rock and concrete known as Gunite. You can estimate on this taking 1-3 weeks depending on the Gunite crew’s schedule and the time it takes for the material to cure.

Equipment, Electrical & Gas

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All filtration equipment, including any water features or optional equipment that has been selected is plumbed in.

Tile & Coping

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Selected waterline tile is installed. Coping (the material that is used to cap the pool shell and transition between pool and deck) is installed.

Pool Deck

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Selected Decking is installed. Lead time on acquiring material from manufacturers and scope of job determine deck installation time.

Site Cleanup

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We are a family oriented company and understand the importance of cleanliness; not only to meet your expectations in a great building company, but also to keep your loved ones safe in your backyard. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing Custom Pool Builders understands how to leave a site better than we found it. 

Pool Screen Installation

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(if applicable) Although this is not a service that Custom Pool Builders Inc provides, we do work with reliable installers and can coordinate with them to get screen work scheduled. Completion times will depend on a company’s availability and the scope of the job.

Safety Fence & Alarms

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Safety is our top priority on the job site, just as it is with your family. We understand the high amount of trust necessary in hiring a company to mitigate the potential risk and hazards that come with being new pool owners.  

Pool Interior

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Plastering the pool is the last step prior to filling the pool with water. As water is filling, the surface immediately begins to cure. It is important that the surface is consistently brushed for the first 30 days to ensure that the cream (residue from plaster as it cures) is continually brushed from the walls and flushed out through the filtration system. If you are installing a salt system, no salt will be added, and no vacuum will be put into the pool for 30 days to avoid damaging the new surface.

Chemical Balance

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Once the pool is filled with purified water, (filtered through purifying tanks), a 5-day chemical balance will begin. During this time, the chemicals in the pool are adjusted and balanced to make it suitable for swimming. Once the pool is chemically balanced, if you so choose, you can opt to go on weekly cleaning service with our sister company Custom Pool & Spa Mechanics. Weather you retain another company, or decide to clean the pool yourself, maintenance is an important part of the process. Your chemicals need to remain balanced to avoid voiding the Manufacturer’s Warranty on your new surface.   

Get your fancy drink, floaties and sunscreen! It’s time to swim!

Please note that time frames can vary depending on
specifics of any job, but the entire process is speculated
to take 4-6 months with 2-3 months of actual construction.